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Restaurant Online Ordering System

Do you own a restaurant or think of opening a new one?

MobileAdz has integrated an online ordering system with Point of Sale (POS) hardware to form a complete reliable ordering system for restaurants. Moreover, we have asked our clients and found out that a complete Restaurant system is a must which includes:

  1. Mobile Friendly and search engine ready websites
  2. Mobile app, Facebook and web online ordering menu
  3. Smart tablet to accept or reject orders
  4. and Thermal printer to print order receipts

Now our customers have the ability to start their online restaurant business, take online orders from Facebook, the web, or even a mobile application and increase their revenue.


  1. Very well designed mobile friendly website and online ordering menu ready in 1 hour
  2. Search Engine Ready Website and no need to pay extra money to get it on top of search engines
  3. Analytics
  4. Multi-location ready system
  5. Set your own delivery zones and fees
  6. Build direct customer relationship
  7. No transaction fees
  8. unlimited transaction for a flat monthly rate
  9. Save you money and increase revenue

Our Goal

Is to help businesses getting online at affordable rates without compromising system quality and reliability.

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